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Ed's Note: It's Sunday, so it must be time for a new post at Storytellers. Anysara graces us with her work this week. Enjoy.

On a side note, this was the last one actually submitted. Those of you who owe me stories, get to it - you all have a week.

As it happened, Annabelle and Lilac's only punishment for snooping on Mr. Needlebom's property was to promise to work for him one hour each day every day for the next two weeks. Annabelle was happy with this arrangement. It was better than being grounded for the last week of school, after all.

In history class on Monday, while Mrs. Olson was droning on about the American Revolution, Annabelle's mind was on Outdoor Activity Day scheduled for this Friday. She turned the page in the notebook where she was supposed to be taking notes and started penning a note to Lilac. She heard muffled giggles to her left. Sadie and Alicia, as usual. Sadie and Alicia were the middle school girls that you were always warned about. They were tall, leggy, and had started developing breasts in the sixth grade. They wore short skirts from the Gap and tops with plunging necklines. When Mama saw them at the school open house at the beginning of the year, she clucked her tongue and muttered, “How do their mothers let them out of the house like that?” The eighth grade (and seventh and sixth grade) boys loved them. They were always “going out” with someone.

The rest of the eighth grade girls, however, were divided into three camps: they either were friends with Alicia and Sadie, they wanted to be friends with Alicia and Sadie, or they avoided Alicia and Sadie at all costs. Annabelle and Lilac fell into the last category. Alicia and Sadie were merciless. They taunted, spread rumors, and made life hell for girls in their class. It was useless to go to parents or teachers to stop the torment. When confronted by an adult, Alicia and Sadie would bat their eyes and deny the accusations. After all, no one but themselves and the tormentees ever saw or heard what happened. They were far too canny to get caught.

Across the aisle, Annabelle saw Sadie whisper to Alicia and point toward the front of the room. Annabelle followed their gaze and realized with horror that they were pointing at Lilac leaning forward at her desk, a full inch of her white flowered panties stuck out over the top of her new low-cut khaki shorts. Annabelle had to stop them before they pointed the fault out to anyone else. She had to get word to Lilac to fix her shorts. Her note to Lilac became a warning. “Pull your shirt down – I can see your underwear.” She quietly tore the paper off and folded it just twice before passing it to Anthony in front. “It's urgent!” she whispered into the back of Anthony's sticky head which smelled heavily of hair gel. Anthony turned. “To Lilac,” Annabelle mouthed. She could count on Anthony. He lived down the road from the Griffins. When they were younger, Anthony would come over to run through the sprinkler in the yard and have watermelon seed-spitting contests. Annabelle watched the note make its way forward, praying that Mrs. Olson wouldn't look up from the overhead where she was writing “Causes of the American Revolution” in green marker. She didn't and the note was tossed onto Annabelle's desk by Kristin, an Alicia-Sadie-wannabee. Annabelle watched Lilac unfold the note, refold it and pull the edge of her white tank top as far down as she could.

Annabelle sat back in relief. Crisis averted. She took a quick glance over at Sadie and Alicia to find them both glaring at her. She gulped and looked away, eyes glued to her notebook for the five remaining minutes of class.

At lunch Annabelle and Lilac had almost forgotten what happened. They laughed about their Saturday night adventure as they ate their sandwiches.

“Did anyone else see my underwear besides you?” Lilac asked taking a sip of her juice.

Annabelle hesitated. “Sadie and Alicia saw.”

Lilac groaned. “Of all people, why did they have to see? At least this is the last week of school."

“Yeah. I wouldn't worry about it. They'll be more concerned about coordinating their wardrobes this week.” Annabelle flicked her wrist and said in her best imitation of Alicia, “Oh Sadie, should we wear the pink shirts or blue with our new American Eagle skirts?” Lilac cracked up, nearly spewing juice out her nose.

Across the cafeteria, Annabelle watched Sadie and Alicia stand up and begin walking from table to table, placing a single sheet of paper on each one. At the jocks' table, one of the boys grabbed it and laughed, passing it to the kid next to him. This scene repeated itself all over the cafeteria. Soon, Annabelle saw fingers pointing in her direction. She had to see what was on that paper. She didn't have to wait long.

Alicia sauntered over and flipped one onto their table. Annabelle snatched it up. There, in black and white was a rudely drawn charicature of Lilac, rear end wider than in real life with flowered panties exploding out the top of too-tight khaki shorts. Lilac, her back to the rest of the lunchroom, munched obliviously on her turkey sandwich as the laughter in the cafeteria grew louder and louder. Lilac grabbed the flyer. “What is that?” she said through a mouthful of turkey. Lilac stopped chewing and her eyes welled with tears. “This is supposed to be me, isn't it?”Annabelle didn't know what to say.

Finally, she packed up the rest of her lunch and Lilac's and she led her friend from the cafeteria. On the way out, Alicia called out, “Nice undies, Lilac.” The whole cafeteria giggled.

“You witch!” Annabelle spun around, eyes wild. “I'd watch my back the next few days if I were you.” She stormed out of the cafeteria after Lilac.

That night after school, Annabelle hatched her plan. For years Alicia and her best-friend-of-the-moment had terrorized the entire school. Annabelle had tried to keep herself and Lilac out of the way, but this was too much. Alicia had to be stopped.

Right after school on Tuesday, Annabelle pedaled out to the Salvation Army thrift store on the shore road south of town. A cool breeze came off the channel, sweeping over her bare arms and making her shiver slightly. The channel was beautiful today – a ribbon of deep blue surrounded by different rich shades of green.

Annabelle left her bike leaning on the rail outside the thrift store and made a beeline for the underwear section. There, she looked for the largest, ugliest pair of old lady panties she could find. Settling on a giant yellow pair splashed with purple and green flowers, she went to the cash register to pay.

“Now what would a young lady like you be wanting with a pair of drawers like these?” Mrs. Simkin, the cashier, raised an eyebrow at her.

“Er...” Annabelle hesitated. “I need the material for a project for school and these were just the right color.”

“I see. Well, good luck on your project. Must be the last of the year, eh? You enjoy your summer, now, my dear.”

“Thanks,” Annabelle was relieved to leave the store.

In first period on Wednesday, a folded piece of paper landed on Annabelle's desk when Mrs. Olson wasn't looking. She looked around to see where it had come from, but there were no tell-tale glances in her direction. Slowly, Annabelle unfolded the note. Scrawled in black magic marker was a warning, “Don't even think of doing anything to Alicia. You'll regret it for the rest of your life.” Annabelle crumpled the paper and stuffed it in her notebook. She'd have to keep a low profile and avoid the lunchroom for the next two days. The lunchroom was a giant free-for-all. The moms who came in to monitor the lunchroom were clueless. Annabelle could never figure out if they just didn't care or if they really were that dumb, but they often let kids get away with almost anything.

After class, Annabelle told Mrs. Olson that she had a headache and the lunchroom noise would really aggravate it. Would Mrs. Olson mind if Annabelle and Lilac ate in her room? Mrs. Olson said she'd be delighted to have the company. Annabelle told Lilac the news between classes. Lilac had been hiding all day under her sweatshirt and long blond hair even though it was nearly eighty degrees outside. She looked relieved that she wouldn't have to face the cafeteria again.

“Cheer up,” Annabelle whispered. “I have a plan!”

“Annabelle, you can't,” Lilac protested.

“Don't worry. I'll tell you about it at lunch. Gotta go or I'm going to be late for science.” Annabelle flew off down the hall toward the science wing.

Friday morning arrived at last. Annabelle had hardly slept. Today was D-Day – the day when Alicia would finally get what was coming to her. Today was also Field Day and the last day of school. Annabelle was on cloud nine.

She left for school thirty minutes earlier than usual. She had to time it right if her plan was going to work. Locking her bike into the rack at the back of the school, Annabelle made her way to the front. Good. No other kids lingered outside the main entrance, yet. The custodian was just raising the flag for the day. Annabelle waited for him to go back inside before rounding the corner of the building. She quickly unpacked her supplies and set to work. Two minutes later, she finished and disappeared inside the building to wait and watch until her handiwork was discovered. She found the choir room unlocked and slipped into the alcove where she could hide and look out the window.

It didn't take long. The first kids to be dropped off stopped in front of the large poster board sign Annabelle had taped to the flag pole. The sign read in large black letters, “Has anyone seen my panties? Please return ASAP to Alicia Thomas.” It took the kids a minute of staring at the sign before one of them looked up. He nudged his friend and pointed. There, right below the flag hung the enormous flowered panties from the Salvation Army. The kids cracked up and moved off to play hacky sack next to the door. The next kids to be dropped off figured it out sooner because the first kids yelled out, “Look up!” Most kids laughed loudly. A few looked uncomfortable and tried to hide their snickers behind hands.

Finally, a black BMW rolled up. Out stepped a tall slender girl with long brown curly hair. She wore sunglasses, a tank top with “Princess” in glitter across her chest, and a khaki skort. Her flip-flops slapped her heels as she approached the crowd that had gathered around the flagpole. The students quieted and loud whispers could be heard, “It's her! It's Alicia!” Like the Red Sea they parted as Alicia, now looking confused, continued up the front walk. She couldn't miss the sign, however. With a perfectly manicured hand, she pushed her sunglasses back on her head, lips pressed furiously together. The crowd followed her glance and then, before Alicia could figure it out on her own, simultaneously looked up. Alicia followed their gaze and stood staring for a moment before erupting, “That little brat!” and stalking into the school, a trail of wannabes fanning out behind her. Soon, one of the wannabes returned to remove the sign and panties from the flagpole. Annabelle sat back from her perch in the choir room alcove, satisfied that this would be the best day ever.


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I would have been Lilac, when I was in school. Unfortunately, I didn't have any Annabelles to back me up.

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