Thursday, August 17, 2006

There Is No Tomorrow - Sara (Trophy)

Editor's Note: With minor apologies to Lvnsm27, below is Sara's submission. I'm cutting Lv a few days short because Sara is going away for a little summer- internet free- R&R and I promised her that she would get to see her story on the "big screen" before she went.
Sara's work is a great effort for a first time fiction writer and a fine addition to Storytellers. Enjoy:
“And God called to the light: “Day,” and to the darkness He called: “Night.” And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” Genesis 1:5

She slipped a twenty dollar bill into that page of the bible and made a mental note. Twenty dollars, and God created day and night. She repeated it a few times in her head. That would be easy enough to remember, even if she was in some seedy bus station or kneeling behind a phone booth.
With that accomplished she climbed into bed, taking the time to smooth the sheets over herself. This was her last night in this room. God created day and then He created night. In the same way that the first day passed, every day that came after would follow that pattern. It was a forever kind of thing, something that could be depended on. Days go by. And there was evening and there was morning.
This morning came all too quickly, but she knew that that was just the way it was. Days pass quickly and, once the day is gone, nothing stays the same. As soon as the next dawn arrives, everything has changed. You just can’t step in the same river twice. You will be a different person and the river will be a different river. That was the pattern. So she registered no surprise when she opened her eyes to find her room drowning in sunlight. She wished that she had savored last night more, or appreciated it more when she had it.
But now it was gone and there were things to be done. With that bracing thought she swung her legs over the side and propelled herself towards the bathroom. Getting started is always the hardest part but, as with everything, the morning situation is improved with immediate action.
Showered, dressed, and packed she stood in the doorway of her bedroom and knew that this was it. Once she ran away, there was no taking it back. No crawling home, no accepting more favors. Coming back would be admitting defeat. Besides, she would never feel the same way again. Yesterday had passed and the past cannot be replicated. Without touching anything, without saying good-bye, she walked away.


Who was she kidding? She had no plan. There was nowhere to go, no job waiting for her across the country. She had the will to travel and ten twenties sprinkled through the pages of an old bible.

She made it to the end of the block before her need for a plan paralyzed her. With a self-hating grin she ducked into a yard and collapsed behind a bush. Her mind groped for a plan, for a spark, for something. Even for that old unworried apathy that had gotten her packed and ready. She couldn’t find it. She wanted to leave, but she also wanted to get somewhere. Going and coming are two very different things.

She reached into the front pocket of her backpack and fished out her small black notebook. There had been a time when she never would have done this, but now she almost savagely ripped a creamy page from the back. She didn’t have time for this, but she needed a map. She pulled out her Bic Z6 pen and got right to work.

Salem, Oregon to Sacramento, California. How long would it take? At least eight hours, she thought. There were two options and one virtually crossed itself out on her paper. She sighed, exasperated at her own cautiousness. Hitchhiking would have been free.

Instead she walked quickly to the greyhound station. You can do this, she told herself softly. But then something in her released. For God’s sake, she called to herself, do something. Just once stop thinking and actually be the person you want to be! There’s no risk here, she screamed on the inside. You have nothing to lose! Do this today and you will not regret it, because tomorrow will come and everything will be different. Nothing of today will stay, except the knowledge that you have conquered yourself. There are no real mistakes.

Her mind hardened with that knowledge. There are no true consequences. There’s nothing to ever worry about, because tomorrow is sure to come and then today will be gone. Just as there is no one here today to witness her victory, there will be no one here tomorrow to remind her of her mistakes. She was free, and she walked into the office and bought her ticket.


Blogger Scraps said...

Wow...again with the suspense. Is there going to be a follow-up installment, or am I just going to have to use my imagination?


7:13 AM  
Blogger Elster said...

Everyone is of course welcome and even encouraged to post multiple times.


7:15 AM  
Blogger Halfnutcase said...

beautifull and very vivid writing sara. I wish i could write like that.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

Thanks everyone!

Talk to you at some point during my vacation...

Good Shabbos!

5:14 PM  

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